Please note: the timetable is subject to (last-minute) changes!

We would like to inform all participants that it is mandatory to wear a mask inside the university buildings. Please therefore bring a suitable mask with you.

The table gives an overview; more details on the sessions can be found below. The room numbers are in brackets next to the session; all the sessions take place in the same building and the rooms will be signed.

TimeMonday 12.9.Tuesday 13.9.Wednesday 14.9.Thursday 15.9.
(Foyer, Haus 6)
9-10:00CPSS workshop (H01),
Retico tutorial (S13), PhD morning (S14)
Opening, Keynote: Michael Roth (H01)Keynote: Henning Wachsmuth (H01)Keynote: Malvina Nissim (H01)
10-10:30Coffee break
10:30-12:00CPSS workshop (H01),
Retico tutorial (S13), PhD morning (S14)
Presentations, session chair: Ines Rehbein (H01)Presentations, session chair: Stefanie Dipper (H01)Presentations, session chair: Heike Zinsmeister (H01)
12-13:30Lunch break
13:30-15:30CPSS workshop (H01),
Text to Talk tutorial (S13),
Text Complexity shared task (H02)
Career networking (H01)14:00 GSCL Doctoral Thesis Prize (H01)Presentations (H01) session chair: Sina Zarrieß,
early coffee break, closing
15:30-16:00Coffee break
16:00-18:00CPSS workshop (H01),
Text to Talk tutorial (S13),
Text Complexity shared task (H02)
Career networking (Haus 6, lobby)Poster session
(incl. student poster session) (S13/14)
19:00From 18:00: Welcome receptionConference dinner

Monday 12.9.


a.m.: CPSS workshop, Retico tutorial, PhD morning

p.m.: CPSS workshop, Text to Talk tutorial, Text Complexity shared task

18:00: Welcome reception: join us for some drinks and nibbles in Haus 6.

Tuesday 13.9.


9:00–10:00: Opening, keynote: Michael Roth

10:30–12:00: paper presentations:

Tim Fischer et al.Measuring Faithfulness of Abstractive Summaries
Noemi Kapusta et al.Assessing the Linguistic Complexity of German Abitur Texts from 1963–2013
Alianda Lopez et al.Evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition for Conversational Speech in Dutch, English and German: What Goes Missing?

13:30–18:00: Career networking session

Wednesday 14.9.


9:00–10:00: Keynote: Henning Wachsmuth

10:30–12:00: paper presentations:

Victor Zimmermann et al.Absinth: A Small World Approach to Word Sense Induction
Steffen Remus et al.More Like This: Semantic Retrieval with Linguistic Information
Sami Diaf et al.TopicShoal: Scaling Partisanship Using Semantic Search

14:00–15:30 (note: lunch break is longer!): GSCL Doctoral Thesis Prize:

14:00: Awarding of the GSCL Doctoral Thesis Prize in Memory of Wolfgang Hoeppner
14:15: Anna Shadrova: Graph-based analysis of corpus data in lexical and lexicosyntactic research (Award Lecture)

16:00–18:00: poster session:

Author(s)TitlePoster board no.
Sophie Rentschler et al.Data Augmentation for Intent Classification of Conversational Agents1
Tillmann Dönicke et al.MONAPipe: Modes of Narration and Attribution Pipeline for German Computational Literary Studies and Language Analysis in spaCy3
Piush Aggarwal et al.Bye, Bye, Maintenance Work? Using Model Cloning to Approximate the Behavior of Legacy Tools5
Eckhard BickLemma Hunting: Automatic Spelling Normalization for German CMC Corpora7
Robert Geislinger et al.Improved Open Source Automatic Subtitling for Lecture Videos9
Łukasz KnigawkaConstructing a Derivational Morphology Resource with Transformer Morpheme Segmentation11
Manfred Klenner et al.Semantic Role Labeling for Sentiment Inference: A Case Study13
Flammie Pirinen et al.Building an Extremely Low Resource Language to High Resource Language Machine Translation System from Scratch14

Student posters:

Author(s)TitlePoster baord no.
Jonathan BaumNamed Entity Recognition and Knowledge Linkage2
Esra Dönmez et al.What Do Vision and Language Models NOT Learn?4
Ginevra Martinelli et al.Linking the Bilingual Latin-English Dictionary Lewis & Short
to the LiLa Knowledge Base
Melina Plakidis et al.Analyzing Speech Acts in Offensive German Language Tweets8
Mariia Poiaganova et al.Mining Arguments in US Presidential Campaign Debates10
Thorben Schomacker et al.Automatic Identification of Generalizing Passages in German Fictional
Texts using BERT with Monolingual and Multilingual Training Data

Evening: conference dinner at ZWEIHUNDERTEINS (needs to be pre-booked with your conference registration)

Thursday 15.9.


9:00–10:00: Keynote: Malvina Nissim

10:30–12:00: paper presentations:

Sina Zarrieß et al.This isn’t the bias you’re looking for: Implicit causality, names and gender in German language models
Jonas Wagner et al.Do gender neutral affixes naturally reduce gender bias?
Dominik Stammbach et al.DocSCAN: Unsupervised Text Classification via Learning from Neighbors
Erhard Hinrichs et al.Adapting GermaNet for the Semantic Web

13:30–15:00: paper presentations:

Laura Bamberg et al.Improved Opinion Role Labelling in Parliamentary Debates
Thomas Schmidt et al.Sentiment Analysis on Twitter for the Major German Parties during the 2021 German Federal Election
Aishwarya Anegundi et al.Modelling Cultural and Socio-Economic Dimensions of Political Bias in German Tweets

15:00–15:30: closing and coffee